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London, UK

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Director of Hackworth Ltd.


I taught 3 semesters of Bootstrap at middle schools in Daly City and Oakland, and a couple of Scratch classes in Oakland.

I volunteered at KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy, helping them improve their GNU/Linux lab.

I developed the real-time lighting component of the Industrial Light & Magic Zviz previz system. You can read a bit about it here.

I also worked with Lucasarts on real-time lighting and material systems for use both in Lucasarts's new game engines and in ILM's 3D animation system. You can read a little about that work here and judge for yourself in Lucasarts's The Force Unleashed.

Prior to those projects, I worked at ILM mainly on real-time multimedia playback and image processing, and did a small amount of Linux kernel hacking.

I was a microprocessor architect at Intel, working on the Intel/HP Itanium architecture.





Free Software Projects




A couple of film credits.

I was an (uncredited) extra in the Outlander Club scene in Star Wars Episode II. I didn't get my own action figure, sadly. This does, however, mean I have a Bacon number of 3, via Natalie Portman and several other actors.

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